• Three Talks on Monitoring Methane in the Supply Chain

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Three Talks on Monitoring Methane in the Supply Chain

Mar 29 2023

At ILM Exhibitions' Industrial Methane Measurement (IMM) conference, Dr. James France of the Environmental Defense Fund, Dr. Semra Bakkaloglu of Imperial College London and Jaroslaw Necki, Ph.D. of AGH University of Science and Technology each spoke about some of the studies conducted by their respective organisations that have added to our understanding of the methane emissions being released along the supply chain. Click here to watch a recording of this discussion.

Other topics include:

  • What are the fundamentals for effective mitigation?  
  • What's missing in our scientific understanding of methane emissions?
  • How are the variables for flux measurement defined by EU regulations?
  • How well are deep-hot coal mines measuring for methane?
  • What instruments can help overcome the challenges of methane monitoring for deep-hot coal mines?
  • Why is there a regular 100-hour cycle in emissions from coal mines?
  • For mine-shafts, is a singular point measurement enough?
  • How do researchers distinguish between natural and industrial emissions in location where these sources can become confused?

If you're interested in attending the next IMM or any of ILM Exhibitions' other events, follow the link to find out more: https://www.ilmexhibitions.com/

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