• Four Talks on Multi-Scale Measurements for Methane Emissions

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Four Talks on Multi-Scale Measurements for Methane Emissions

May 03 2023

At ILM Exhibitions' Industrial Methane Measurement (IMM) conference, Howard Dieter of Jonah Energy, Professor Thomas Röckmann of the University of Utrecht, Collete Schissel, Ph.D. of the University of Texas and Dr. Jasmin Cooper of the Sustainable Gas Institute at Imperial College London each spoke about some of their recent research into the efficacy of multi-scale measurements for monitoring methane emissions.  

  • What is the value of OGMP 2.0 as a reporting protocol?
  • What methodologies were used during the ROMEO Project?
  • On industrial sites, where are methane emissions coming from?
  • How successful is multi-scale measurement in monitoring intermittent methane emissions? 
  • Are methane emissions increasing?
  • Challenges in quantifying methane emissions in the supply chain
  • Estimating emissions intensity across different supply chains
  • Quantifying the volume of methane emissions
  • Understanding uncertainty in emissions data
  • Are the new methane monitoring protocols proposed by the European Union fit for purpose?
  • How variable are methane emissions between different supply chains?
  • What monitors are recommended for an initial survey of methane leakage?
  • Under current reporting protocols, might reductions in methane emissions be illusory?
  • What is the correlation between production rate and leakage rate? 

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