• New Gas Detection Tubes Handbook Released for Today’s User

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New Gas Detection Tubes Handbook Released for Today’s User

Nov 25 2015

International safety manufacturer, Dräger (UK), has announced the release of its new handbook for its upgraded gas measurement tool – the Dräger Tubes.

Since the last version in 2011, the popular tubes measurement technology has undergone a range of new developments, improvements and modifications.

A classic Dräger product, on the market for more than 75 years, the Dräger Tubes are described as a ‘laboratory behind glass’; a vial containing a chemical mix that reacts with the measured gas or vapour by changing colour.

With more than 100 million global sales in the past decade, they are a leading example of a short-term gas measurement system and are cost effective, flexible and reliable.

The continued satisfaction of customers is testament to the fact Dräger listens to and acts on feedback ensuring its technology and the whole user experience is fit for the future.

With that in mind, version 17 of the handbook has been significantly upgraded since the last edition and customers now have access to an expanded data section on the individual Dräger Tubes. Many of the pictures of the Dräger Tubes have been recreated, to more accurately depict the colour depth and contrast of the different tubes.

Kevin Honner, Marketing Manager for Portable Gas Detection at Dräger, said: “We are delighted to introduce the newest version of the Dräger Tubes handbook. A variety of factors, including decreasing occupational exposure values, special customer requirements and changing legal regulations, mean we are constantly evolving to develop even more sensitive tubes.

The advancements are all reflected in version 17 of the handbook and we hope our customers will find it of great use.”

The Dräger Tubes are often used in sectors such as chemical or pharmaceutical, where a diverse range of gas hazards in the plant or laboratory situations, regularly calls for on-the-spot measurement. More than 220 short-term tubes are available for measuring up to 500 gases and this number is growing year on year. As changing environmental conditions, new legal regulations and special customer requirements come into play, new and more sensitive tubes are being developed all the time.

Dräger Tubes provide results immediately after measurement, so there is no need to send samples into a lab for analysis. There is also no need for calibration by the user – the calibration is shown in the form of a scale printed on the tube.

The tubes represent one of the classic forms of gas analysis and their versatility makes for countless applications in industry, firefighting, disaster prevention, laboratory work, environmental protection and many other areas which require measurement results to be instantly available so that decisions can be made.

They have a variety of usages from simple atmosphere testing, to detection of possible leakages, as well as the analysis of air in sewers, shafts, chemical tanks or other confined spaces. In applications where a one-off or infrequent testing is required, Dräger Tubes offer a low cost and very easy to use solution.

Dräger is committed to offering customers a full safety solution and the tubes go hand in hand with the company’s training offer, service, maintenance and rentals, and bespoke product offer – based around customer requirements.  

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