• High Resolution Methane Infrared Gas Sensor

Gas Detection

High Resolution Methane Infrared Gas Sensor

Jan 24 2014

The Prime1 sensor from Clairair (UK) uses the non-dispersive infrared method to detect the presence of hydrocarbon gases. The sensor contains an infrared radiation source, a dual element custom infrared detector, a unique optical waveguide into which gas diffuses and internal ARM7 core microprocessor based electronics to provide a voltage output which is independent of the power supply polarity. The sensors can be configured to provide a pellistor format output, typically mid supply at zero with the voltage output increasing with respect to the detector pin by 100mV at range, or a linear voltage output, typically 0.4V – 2.0V over range with respect to the negative supply pin.

In addition, the output can be read, and the internal configuration accessed, by a serial communications link. The communication link contacts are pads in the 3 pin version Prime1 and pins in the 5 pin version Prime1. The internal electronics perform all the functions of driving the optical parts of the sensor, extracting the detector signals, converting the signals to a concentration, applying temperature compensation and scaling the output. 

Features include: High Resolution of 0.01%vol for 0 - 10% vol and 0.1% vol for 10 - 100% vol, Operates independent of supply polarity, Pellistor mimic Bridge or linear voltage output, Operating voltage range 3.0V – 5.0V, Operating current 80mA typical,  Latest technology MEMS detectors, Sensing ranges: 0-100% LEL Methane, 0-100% LEL Hydrocarbons or 0-100% Volume Methane, Default range: High resolution 0-100% volume methane, All metal construction with isolated housing, Small internal volume, Flexible electronic configuration access, User calibration also enabled by hardware connections, Wide operating temperature range, Fast response and Immunity from ‘poisoning’. 

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