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Xevo TQ-XS Mass Spectrometer

Sep 14 2016

With increasing global trade and ever changing regulations, the challenges associated with environmental monitoring continue to impact laboratory performance. The Xevo® TQ-XS provides combined ultimate sensitivity and flexibility for your environmental quantitative and confirmatory analyses, allowing you to quantify banned and restricted analytes of interest with confidence. Designed to perform a wide variety of applications, the Xevo TQ-XS fits perfectly in environmental testing labs where the highest levels of sensitivity are required. Whether you are analysing single analytes, or multiple panels of compounds, the Xevo TQ-XS will give you the results you need the first time, and without complication.

The key technologies that enable you to do more with your instrument start with UniSpray™ which ionizes a wider range of compounds than any other single technique. Combining wider compound coverage with an extremely easy to use source, UniSpray can deliver results to your laboratory for more compounds than before, without having to change source or probe. So you can spend more time delivering results and less time changing instrument parts.

The new StepWave XS ion guide provides improved sensitivity that is reproducible for multiple injections and can provide reliable quantitation at the very lowest levels. StepWave XS ensures neutrals and gas load are passively removed for enhanced transmission, with the ions actively transferred into the mass analyser, improving sensitivity and robustness. The first stage is modified with a series of horizontal plates that allows a more controlled extraction of ions from the gas flow so that ions collide with gas molecules with less energy. A segmented quadrupole second stage focuses the ion beam to provide more efficient transmission of ions from the source to the detector. To learn more, download infographic.

The pioneering EU Commission Regulation 2014/589 now permits GC-MS/MS for the confirmatory analysis of dioxins in food and feed. Waters Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography (APGC) adds GC capability to today’s advanced MS technologies.Waters' patented Universal source architecture and Engineered Simplicity™ means that changeover from UPLC® to GC is quick and simple. Since APGC is not a vacuum technique equilibration time between techniques is kept to a minimum. This means that analysis can be tailored to business demands, maximising up-time and instrument utilisation.

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