• New Thermo Scientific Orion VERSA STAR Advanced Electrochemistry Meter & Modules

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New Thermo Scientific Orion VERSA STAR Advanced Electrochemistry Meter & Modules

Sep 12 2012

With the Thermo Scientific Orion VERSA STAR, get advanced measurements with less effort. The Orion VERSA STAR Meter features a large, color graphics display that can be customized to show only the information you want. With four channels and five modules options – pH, ISE, conductivity, RDO/DO and pH with LogR® – mix and match as you need to meet your testing needs now and later.

Create your meter with the exact parameters you need with the Orion VERSA STAR benchtop meters and modules. The Orion VERSA STAR modules define the measurement parameter for the channel. All modules measure temperature and can be added at any time, in any combination. This system can fit your needs now and later when your needs change. You can attach four parameter modules for a really advanced multiparameter meter, which is great for contract testing laboratories. The meter can also be configured with two each of two different parameters for two dual parameter meters in one compact meter footprint. Wastewater laboratories can use it to test effluent and raw sewage samples simultaneously. For a test lab with a high quantity of samples, the meter can be configured to even four of the same parameter for the ultimate in high throughput. With the customization options from the parameter to the interface, it’s easy to make the Orion VERSA STAR your meter, your way.

Software and meter features help save time and money. Calibration editing saves time while ensuring accurate results. Follow the onscreen prompts for calibration and view your calibration data on the large customizable display. If a mistake was made during calibration, calibration editing allows you to review and correct any errors before you save the calibration data. Without the need to repeat all the steps, it’s a great last check for proper calibration and a timesaver for a multipoint calibration. During calibration and testing, having a homogenous sample is important. The meter has two Orion Star stirrer ports, allowing sample mixing to be controlled directly by the meter and simultaneously with the reading. For measuring dissolved oxygen, choose the best probe for your application. The RDO/DO module automatically recognizes either DO technology (polarographic or RDO optical).

Orion VERSA STAR meter and modules make testing easier – easy to get data from the bright, color display and easy to use with keys that update with the screen and shortcut keys for fast access. Local language interface, plain language prompts and clear graphics reduce start-up time, allowing meter use without instructions and providing guidance for consistent testing and easy training. With such an interface, users of any experience level can benefit from advanced procedures, such as ISE incremental methods. Memory for 2000 datalogs, RS232 and two USB outputs allow for a productive day of testing and easy data transfer, either simultaneously with each measurement or at the end of the day. Choose Orion VERSA STAR meter and modules for your meter, your way, today and tomorrow.

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