• CEM visitors to learn how special coating technology can enhance the qualityof process data management and analytical precision

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CEM visitors to learn how special coating technology can enhance the qualityof process data management and analytical precision

Jul 26 2023

SilcoTek, who are global leaders in high-performance inert coatings applied by chemical vapour deposition (CVD), will be exhibiting at the upcoming CEM Exhibition and Conference in Barcelona. As a coatings company focused entirely on solving material challenges, SilcoTek will showcase its CVD coating technologies that widely used in scientific and industrial technology.

With a dedicated CVD coating facility, SilcoTek specialises in providing custom coating services to help their customers enhance their products and overcome the most demanding material applications. Whether their customers need corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, or another essential property, SilcoTek coatings have always excelled in the most challenging of environments, delivering exceptional results for OEMs, laboratories, and industrial facilities worldwide.

SilcoTek's innovative CVD coating technologies include the highly reputable SilcoNert® and Dursan® coatings. These coatings render critical flow paths inert, ensuring accurate process data and enhanced product quality. By replacing Teflon® tubing and PTFE coatings, which are often prone to pitfalls such as porosity and delamination, SilcoTek's inert and corrosion-resistant coatings provide an ideal solution for tough refinery, petrochemical, and process environments.

An inert and reliable flow path facilitates faster response times, better process control, enhanced sensitivity, and precise and dependable detection of trace contaminants that can harm catalysts and adversely affect product quality. SilcoTek's coatings also provide easier system calibration, exceptional corrosion resistance, durability, reliability and consistent performance, resulting in improved environmental, regulatory compliance.

SilcoTek's advanced technology also improves laboratory efficiency. By providing an inert sample flow path, analytical components, with SilcoTek’s coatings, avoid interactions between the test analyte and reactive surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, and ceramics in GC applications. This ensures that the entire sample reaches the detector unchanged, facilitating precise and reliable test results.

Furthermore, an inert flow path in GC and laboratory sampling systems delivers faster response times, higher throughput, better sensitivity, low levels of peak distortion, improved peak resolution, and reduced sample carry-over and contamination.

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