• New GC provides a small yet powerful addition to environmental labs

Environmental Laboratory

New GC provides a small yet powerful addition to environmental labs

Oct 16 2023

In environmental labs, where precision is paramount and laboratory space is a treasured commodity, Shimadzu’s latest innovation, the Brevis GC-2050, is a high-performance gas chromatography that also addresses the never-ending challenge of workspace constraints.

The Brevis GC-2050 is an acknowledgment of laboratories’ need for careful planning and investment. Shimadzu has developed a streamlined solution that not only delivers exceptional analytical precision but also optimises lab bench space. The challenge of limited bench space has been a constant hindrance to researchers wishing to conduct multiple analyses simultaneously. Shimadzu's has come up with a solution that is elegant in its simplicity; the Brevis GC-2050's compact dimensions enable multiple units to operate in harmony on a standard laboratory table. Capable of accommodating two analytical lines with standard capillary columns, the Brevis GC-2050 hails a new era of multitasking efficiency in the environmental lab.

Using tried and tested techniques from its predecessor, the GC-2030, the Brevis GC-2050 has kept the same sample injection and detection methods, as well as gas control. While the colour touchscreen, a feature passed on from the GC-2030, may not be crucial for performing routine operations, it is invaluable for maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. The Brevis’ newly added connectivity options are compatible with MS-Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets, further enhancing the instrument's versatility, and enabling mobile monitoring for a seamless workflow.

Conventional gas chromatography has relied on helium as a carrier gas, but limited supply and escalating costs have prompted a demand for more economical alternatives. The GC-2050 features a user-friendly software interface, enabling end users to select their carrier gas from options including hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and argon easily and efficiently. This intelligent approach minimises operational costs without compromising analytical performance. With integral gas leak detection capabilities, safety is a key consideration, facilitating a rapid response to any potential issues. For extra security, a dedicated hydrogen sensor can be installed to prevent the build-up of hazardous hydrogen concentrations.

The analytical intelligence of the Brevis GC-2050 streamlines maintenance procedures, predefined column conditions, and shutdown/restart sequences with a simple click or swipe, therefore freeing up valuable time for more pressing tasks. The Brexis GC-2050 can be equipped with a range of detectors and accessories, including the SPL injector, FID, FPD, ECD, MS detector, among others; the instrument can be seamlessly integrated with Shimadzu's liquid autoinjectors and headspace samplers, expanding its capabilities to meet diverse analytical needs. Compatibility with a variety of chromatography data software (CDS) platforms, including LabSolutions, ensures that operators can seamlessly integrate the Brevis GC-2050 into their existing workflow. Optional ClickTek technology simplifies capillary column exchange, further enhancing user-friendliness.

Shimadzu's Brevis GC-2050 delivers precision, savings, and space optimisation for environmental laboratories. It is a compact powerhouse that empowers researchers to maximise efficiency without compromise.

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