• New, bespoke arsenic in gas and liquids sampling package

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New, bespoke arsenic in gas and liquids sampling package

Feb 19 2024

Qa3 can now provide the oil and gas industry with a bespoke arsenic in gas and liquids sampling package including all necessary equipment, consumables, tools and paperwork.

Arsine is the collective term for a group of naturally occurring organo arsenic compounds which are most often found in gas condensate reservoirs. There have been several cases where arsine has had a significant detrimental impact, namely due to poisoning of process catalysts (even at ppb concentrations), potential worker exposure to this toxic compound(s) and similarly, phosphine (PH3), if present, would also cause poisoning of a catalyst.

Historically Qa3 has provided on-site sampling of gas and hydrocarbon liquids deploying both equipment and personnel to the client’s site.

Suitable for well-testing operations through to downstream processing, Qa3 is now providing a complete arsenic in gas and liquids sampling package including all required equipment, consumables, tools, and paperwork to allow customers to sample gas and liquids themselves. This removes the need for a costly on-site sampling campaign and allows for the customer to sample at a date and time convenient to them. Sampling packages include Qa3 manufactured solid phase sorbent (SPS) traps, designed to capture specifically arsenic and phosphorus species from a transiting gas.

Once sampled, SPS traps and any liquids are then sent, in the pre-labelled boxes provided, to the Qa3 laboratories for analysis. This approach to sampling and off-site analysis can achieve reporting limits of < 1 ppb in gas.

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