• The Need for Speed: Optimising Environmental Lab Performance and Throughput

Environmental Laboratory

The Need for Speed: Optimising Environmental Lab Performance and Throughput

Nov 10 2020

In this webinar, PerkinElmer scientists and industry experts take a closer look at how to overcome the challenge of analysing more samples in less time while not sacrificing the quality of your laboratory’s analytical performance. This ‘Need for Speed’ webinar series focuses on providing a framework and tools for optimising your laboratory’s operations.

Delve into common laboratory challenges such as sample preparation, QA/QC, “RUSH” samples, standards and the ever-decreasing time to analyse and report results to customers. Formulating a strategy to analyse more samples in less time, the speakers focus on samples and sample preparation, instrumentation and technology available and method design and optimisation.

Clearly identifying samples and analytical objectives involves analyte identification, matrix tolerance, quality objectives and detection limits. The instrumentation and technology topics examine spectrometer type, resolution, wavelength or mass stability, optical throughput and transport efficiency, detector range and sensitivity and data acquisition. The discussion of method design includes specific tools related to instrumentation such as ICP-OES and ICP-MS as well as autosamplers and high throughput systems. Finally, examples including wastewater, soil and sediment samples, are analysed using the Avio® Series spectrometer, NexION® series mass spectrometer, S20 series autosampler and HTS high throughput system and provide an overview of accelerated sample analysis and throughput.

Read about PerkinElmer’s drinking water testing solutions using NexION® technology in these two application notes, Rapid Analysis of Silver, Gold, and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Drinking Water and Advantages of a High Throughput Sample Introduction System in the Analysis of Drinking Waters.

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