• Throughput Times Slashed with New Xrf Material Analyser

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Throughput Times Slashed with New Xrf Material Analyser

Feb 15 2008

The new generation Niton XL3â„¢ range of handheld material analysers launched by Niton UK offers dramatically improved performance. With their simple point-and-shoot operation, the x-ray fluorescence instruments now typically take less than two seconds to identify an alloy grade. This is up to five times faster than with previous models.
The instruments are invaluable for a wide range of applications, including scrap recycling, PMI (Positive Material Identification), metal fabrication, electronic component testing, solder analysis, lead paint testing and RoHS and WEEE compliance.
This leap in performance arises from the incorporation of advanced electronics combined, in the XL3t, with a new powerful state-of-the-art x-ray tube.
"These market-leading models enable users to achieve much faster throughput and further raise their productivity," said Michael Sibbald, Niton UK's sales and marketing director.
The XL3 series is available in a range of configurations and with an assortment of optional features and accessories.
The instruments are supplied with Niton Data Transfer software, a
suite of data management utilities that allows users to produce
certificates and reports, and monitor or operate the instrument
remotely from a PC or PDA. The software also enables users to
document test results, and guarantees the quality and integrity
of the data produced.
The XL3t can also be equipped with small-spot sample analysis to allow users to switch between full area analysis for large samples and a 3mm small-spot to analyse small sample areas.
The instruments operate on the principle of x-ray fluorescence, which uses x-rays to excite the atoms in the sample and measures the fluorescent x-rays re-emitted by the material.
From this they then rapidly determine the elements present as
well as their relative concentrations. For samples with known
ranges of chemical composition, such as common grades of
metal alloys, the analysers can also quickly identify most sample
types by name.

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