• Onesource Pure and Ultrapure Water Solution Provides Users with Complete Control, Total Convenience

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Onesource Pure and Ultrapure Water Solution Provides Users with Complete Control, Total Convenience

Jan 01 2000

Millipore Corporation, (USA) a Life Science leader providing technologies, tools and services for the bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry, today announced the availability of the new MilliQ Integral water purification system, which uses tap water to supply constantquality Type II (pure) and Type I (ultrapure) water from a single water production unit.

The system combines Millipore’s proven superior Elix® technology with the bestinclass MilliQ solution to produce pressurized pure and ultrapure water, providing users with direct control over water quality throughout the entire purification process. Users also benefit from low maintenance and wellcontrolled running costs, thanks to Elix technology and its ionexchange resins, which are continuously regenerated by a weak electric current.

The MilliQ Integral system produces pure and/or ultrapure water for needs ranging from 60 to 300 L/day. Separate PointsofDelivery (PODs), dedicated either to ultrapure water (QPOD®) or pure water (EPOD™), ensure convenient delivery at a flow rate adjustable from dropbydrop to 2 L/min. Users are assured of having the exact water quality they require, as the flexible PODs can be adapted with a choice of final polishers to remove specific contaminants, including pyrogens, nucleases, bacteria, particulates and organics.

POD dispensers offer users full convenience on a daily basis. The dispensers accommodate a complete range of laboratory glassware and provide automatic or manual dispensing options. Information concerning system operation and water quality (ionic and organic contaminant level) is displayed graphically on their bases as well as on the production unit, where it can be seen at a glance and printed out, if necessary.

The compact MilliQ Integral water production unit takes up minimal space and can be installed anywhere in the laboratory— either conveniently located on or under the bench—or high on a wall. The system’s QPOD and EPOD water delivery units also have a small footprint and can be placed on the bench or wallinstalled. With its flexible installation and upgrade options, the new system allows users to keep pace with changes in laboratory activities. Up to three POD units, placed at different locations in the laboratory, can be supported by each system.

MilliQ Integral system users benefit from Millipore’s comprehensive Service Program, including professional validation support. The integrated Millipore offers you more innovative technologies and stronger application support to streamline your progress and give you more confidence in your results. Our lab water experts take the time to evaluate the needs of individual labs and particular applications in order to recommend a system that balances water quality with volume and distribution requirements, removing water quality concerns so customers can focus on their research.

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