• 842 Titrando – pH STAT Titrator and Synthesis Controller

Environmental Laboratory

842 Titrando – pH STAT Titrator and Synthesis Controller

Oct 29 2007

STAT titration: The determination of the activity of an enzyme or the monitoring of the release kinetics of antacid drugs requires a titrator that rapidly adjusts a predefined pH value and keeps it constant over a long time period. The 842 Titrando's controller has been optimised for this task and is among the best available on the market.
Controlled dosing: Typical synthesis work involves maintaining constant a pH value or performing a multiple dosing operation under strictly defined conditions: A preset volume has to be added to a solution
during a given time span. During the controlled dosing procedure, the parameters pH / mV and temperature are continuously monitored and recorded. This results in a complete documentation of the synthesis sequence.
Tandem dosing: To avoid a break in dosing when the buret is refilled, a second buret takes over the dosing operation without any interruption. This means that fast reactions and those that have a high reagent consumption can be monitored without any loss of accuracy.
Controller: A new feature of the 842 Titrando is its ability to perform control tasks for external instruments, e.g. remotely controlling external heating or cooling apparatus, pumps or similar devices.

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