• New Extraction/concentration Technology for Gcms Series 2 Thermal Desorbers

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New Extraction/concentration Technology for Gcms Series 2 Thermal Desorbers

Apr 18 2008

Markes International Ltd. (UK) is pleased to announce the introduction of its new range of thermal desorption instrumentation featuring:
• UNITY 2: ‘universal’ TD platform for single 3.5- or 4.5-inch (DAAMS) tubes with or without tags. Re-collection for repeat analysis included as standard.
• ULTRA 2: TD autosampler for up to 100 tubes (3.5- or 4.5-inch versions available). Options include tube-tag read/write and automatic sample re-collection.
• Series 2 Air Server options for automated canister analysis and round-the-clock on-line air monitoring.
Cryogen-free operation means low running costs and high uptime. For over a decade, Markes International has pioneered and commercialised enhancements to analytical TD instrumentation and associated sampling apparatus. Markes instruments are fast becoming the global de facto
standard for air monitoring, material emissions testing, residual solvent analysis, defence & forensic applications and food, flavour & fragrance profiling.
Built on the field-proven reliability and versatility of Markes first generation (ULTRA-)UNITY products, series 2 thermal desorbers incorporate every key TD technical innovation of the last 10 years and offer an expanded application range – ultra-volatiles, high-boilers and thermally labile compounds – all on the same TD platform.
Systems are available for 3.5-inch (standard) or 4.5-inch (DAAMS) sorbent tubes, canisters/bags, direct desorption of materials, continuous on-line gas/air streams and headspace. Every Markes TD complies fully with the requirements of standard methods, operates cryogen-free and offers repeat analysis of tubes and canisters as
standard. Systems are also compatible with the latest programmable RFID tube labelling technology (TubeTAGâ„¢) which makes it much easier to track the history of each individual sorbent tube. Series 2 desorbers represent the next major step forward in TD technology.

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