• A comprehensive range of precise and dependable water monitoring instrumentation for the UK and Irish market

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A comprehensive range of precise and dependable water monitoring instrumentation for the UK and Irish market

Nov 06 2023

Lab Solutions is well known for providing state-of-the-art analytical technology for laboratory-based and onsite environmental analysis in the UK and Ireland. They have built a fine reputation for providing a wide range of instrumentation and consumables, bespoke method development, training, maintenance contracts, and superb technical and after-sales support.

Lab Solutions has represented Systea across the British Isles, as their sole distributor for the last five years. Systea are globally renowned manufacturers of online and lab instrumentation which operates using multichannel continuous flow technology, to provide precise and rapid results for a wide range of environmental applications. Whether analysing the purity of drinking water or monitoring soil samples, Systea's solutions have been providing exceptional performance since 1988.

Systea’s automatic analysers have an excellent track record of successful operation in surface, drinking, waste- and seawater analysis and monitoring applications. Their Micromac C online analyser offers rest-assured unattended monitoring for multiparameter monitoring for chemical contaminants. This device now includes BCFA (Batch Continuous Flow Analytics) expanding the Micromac C’s capabilities to also measure levels of lead and cadmium as free ions or total, free or total levels of cyanide, and phenols. The Easychem Analyser is an online analyser which uses discrete, robotic technology for complete automated process control of chemical and biological parameters in water.

Additionally, SYSTEA offer a series of submergible multi-parametric in-situ probes for sequential automatic analysis of up to four nutrients or other chemical parameters in surface and seawater for unattended monitoring in oceanographic research, environmental protection, and biological studies. In addition, Lab Solutions also offer the Systea μMAC 1000 compact online portable analysers for measuring chemical parameters in water which are available either in mono or sequential multi-parametric configuration, providing an exceptional level of analytical automation. The µMAC-Smart is a portable analyser which is controlled by an integrated PC with colour touch-screen, specifically designed for onsite monitoring for all types of water.

Lastly, Systea offer a highly acclaimed range of laboratory water analysers, also sold exclusively by Lab Solutions in the UK and Ireland. These devices are designed to meet the needs of most automatic and reliable routine analysis of inorganic compounds in water and water extracts, such as ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate, silicates, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total dissolved iron, chromium, aluminium, manganese, copper, nickel, zinc, alkalinity, hardness, sulphate, residual chlorine, chloride, calcium, magnesium and boron, as well as specific organic compounds like cyanide, phenols, urea and TOCs.

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