• International Environmental Justice - Competing Claims and Perspectives

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International Environmental Justice - Competing Claims and Perspectives

Jan 22 2021

International Environmental Justice offers a unique angle on this complex topic by providing an understanding of environmental justice from both a United States and an international perspective. Environmental justice encompasses the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people – regardless of race, class, or colour – with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies that could negatively impact their lifestyles.

The focus of this book is to offer a critical perspective, which advances the idea that environmental management and human rights are inherently interrelated. Each chapter covers a different case study that examines people and groups who have been unfairly exposed to unreasonable environmental conditions in different parts of the world.

It opens with an understanding of environmental justice claims, including the modern environmental movement, environmental justice movement, and the Government’s response. The subsequent chapters explore the anti-liquid natural gas movement in Malibu and Oxnard, California; a case study modelling collaboration for access to clean water for indigenous peoples in Mexico; petroleum extraction, indigenous people and environmental injustice in the Ecuadorian Amazon; towards environmental equity in Nepalese community forestry; a peculiar case of environmental justice in Lesotho; concluding with indigenous rights and justice in environmental politics.

Essential reading for those with an interest in the social impact of environmental issues, environmental planners, and regulatory bodies. The book’s approach is interdisciplinary and features cross-curriculum perspectives including anthropological, business, sociological and cultural viewpoints.

Available now in print or as an eBook.

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