• High-speed LC-TOF-MS Power at Affordable Price

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High-speed LC-TOF-MS Power at Affordable Price

Jun 23 2008

The Company GSGMeß- und Analysengeräte (Germany) has launched the Unique® LC-TOF Mass Spectrometer designed by the Company LECO.
The Unique® HT LC-TOF-MS is the most sensible solution available for complex liquid sample analysis. A high-speed MS detector provides the data density required to support current and future advances in ultra-fast liquid Chromatography. Additional capabilities include unbiased, high-sensitivity detection of all analytes and >3 orders ofmagnitude linear detector response. Low-flow ESI, high-flow ESI and APCI Interfaces are optionally available.
The highly regarded ChromaTOF® software as a high-speed/high dynamic
range multi-channel data system combines automated processing tools with fully integrated control of HPLC and MS hardware, giving you a cost-effective instrument ideal for food/flavour, metabolomics and environmental applications.
The potential of this unique instrument is enormous. Special features of this LC-TOF-MS provide further performance improvements:
Mass range up to 6.000 m/z, high Mass Resolution of > 2.000 (FWHM) with full 36 anode array measured using the singly charged ion at m/z 609.281 for Reserpine, the high Mass Accuracy, the spectral recording
rate of up to 100 summed spectra/second, the patented Simul-Pulse Recorders and it is easy use. With the high mass accuracy the LC-TOF-MS makes compound identification easer and more reliable.
With this new development GSG has broadened its product portfolio after the successful market introduction of their products LC/MS/MS,Curie-Point-Pyrolysis, PTR-MS and PTR-TOF-MS.

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