• Miniature ATR Probes for Process Spectroscopy from 2 - 18 Microns

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Miniature ATR Probes for Process Spectroscopy from 2 - 18 Microns

Feb 26 2008

Fibre Photonics (SCOTLAND), well known for their mid infrared fibre technology, launches a new miniature 3mm diameter ATR Probe for process
spectroscopy from 2-18 micrometer in micro and miniature reactors. As a result, small scale reactions taking place in less accessible reactors can be measured in real time.
An innovative design of sealed ATR-immersion head (patent pending) in Hastelloy, Titanium or Stainless Steel provides high contrast evanescent
absorption spectra in a broad temperature range 0-140°C. The ATR probe can perform measurements by immersion in liquid or by contacting soft surfaces including tissue, polymer and powder.
The Fibre Photonics family of ATR probes are compatible with all FTIR and IR spectrometer systems with SMA-terminated optics. They feature 2 legs of 1m length and can incorporate different infrared fibre types optimised for highest signal to noise by wavelength:
• 2-6 micrometer range (CIR-AsS-fibre);
• 4-18 micrometer range (Silver Halide PIR-fibre);

Fibre Photonics currently offer 3mm, 8mm and 12mm diameter ATR probes allowing spectra to be effectively collected from a small volume of liquid in real time eliminating offline sampling.
The chemical compatibility of the diamond ATR element allows reaction and process monitoring in many demanding chemical environments and as a result, they are almost completely maintenance free.

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