• New standard for eco-efficient oil-in-water testing with sub-ppm precision

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New standard for eco-efficient oil-in-water testing with sub-ppm precision

Jan 23 2019

For many years eralytics has been a leading pioneer in eco-efficient oil-in-water and oil-in-soil testing. Based on this experience eralytics developed the new ASTM D8193 standard, already approved by ASTM and highly appreciated by the industry demanding a highly precise and eco-friendly oil-in-water analysis.

ERACHECK ECO is now the only IR-analyser on the market which is fully compliant to the newly published ASTM standard D8193 and further complies with the industries’ strict limits and regulations when testing oil-in-water.

ASTM D8193 combines the inherent advantages of IR methods like a fast and highly precise measurement with the CFC-free and low-cost solvent cyclohexane offering highest precision even for sub-ppm oil-in-water measurements (method detection limit MDL of 0.5 mg/L). It covers a total measuring range of 0.5 to 1000 mg/L for TOG as well as for TPH.

ASTM D8193 employs a direct IR transmission measurement of oils and greases in the extraction solvent. The method does not require any solvent evaporation like gravimetric or solventless IR methods and can therefore be used to measure all fractions of the sample, including the light ends. With its easy and intuitive operation, ERACHECK ECO enables straight forward creation of user calibrations and correlations, ensuring excellent correlation with other established oil-in-water methods. Furthermore, the fully automated measurement enables the use of eralytics’ 10-position autosampler for even higher sample throughput.

With eralytics’ ERACHECK ECO and ASTM D8193, the industry now has a new system for highly precise and environmentally friendly monitoring of oil and grease in discharge and wastewater applications. With the portable ERACHECK ECO, measurements according to this advanced standard are extremely easy, fast and highly reliable.

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