• New Extended ‘2-12 Year’ Warranty for Noise Dosemeter

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New Extended ‘2-12 Year’ Warranty for Noise Dosemeter

Jan 01 2000

Cirrus Research (UK) has introduced a new, extended ‘2-12 Year’ warranty for its doseBadge personal noise dosemeter system. Under the terms of the new scheme Cirrus’ standard two year warranty can be extended by a further ten years, at no additional cost, provided that the instrument is serviced and recalibrated by either Cirrus Research plc or by an authorised service centre. The move is a direct result of Cirrus’ confidence in the strength and reliability of the doseBadge.

“The doseBadge is unique in the market place”, said James Tingay, of Cirrus Research plc. “It’s robust, yet lightweight metal construction and selfcontained design, with no external controls, fragile displays, cables or microphones, has resulted in a system which can withstand the most hostile of working environments. The wearer can’t break it by knocking or dropping it. They can’t catch it on anything, or disconnect it from its power supply. In fact its operation cannot be impeded in anyway, either deliberately or accidentally. The result is that doseBadges can be used to measure and record occupational noise exposure, assess the risk of noise induced hearing loss and help organisations comply with noise at work regulations, with total reliability, year after year.”

He continued… “Nevertheless as with all noise measurement equipment, the doseBadge must be serviced and recalibrated on an annual basis. However if that work is done by ourselves, or by one of our authorised service partners, we will now extend the doseBadge’s comprehensive warranty by a further ten years. This is a reflection of our total confidence in the doseBadge, and its unique ability to perform. The system has earned a comprehensive string of safety approvals, to meet the operating requirements of most countries, and an intrinsically safe doseBadge is available for use in high risk environments.”

The doseBadge system is usually supplied as a complete measurement kit, including doseBadges, a reader unit, an ‘intelligent’ charger with a charge point for each doseBadge, a power supply and software, contained in a robust carrying case. Each doseBadge contains a high performance, rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery, an internal microphone and an electronic system which measures and logs the noise data. This is housed in a robust metal case which protects the microphone and electronics.

The doseBadge is controlled via an infrared link, by a reader unit with a large, easy to read display. Software is supplied as standard to allow the user to configure the system, download data and produce measurement reports. doseBadges can be configured to meet any worldwide requirement or regulation including the EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive or the OSHA Regulations which apply to America.

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