• SpeedExtractor is your speed and throughput solution - see why?

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SpeedExtractor is your speed and throughput solution - see why?

Dec 05 2012

The main focus of modern analytical laboratories is minimizing the time that elapses between sample analysis and result generation. With the help of modern extraction techniques, the time required for solvent extraction was reduced from several hours to approximately 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the extraction process can be very time consuming and a considerable amount of time and effort is required for sample preparation and method or schedule programming. Thanks to the unique design of Büchi’s new SpeedExtractor, pressurized solvent extraction is taken to a new dimension.

Today, extraction under elevated pressure and temperature conditions has been established in environmental, pharmaceutical, food and feed, and consumer products analysis and has gained U.S. EPA approval. The advantages offered by this method are impressive: Due to higher analyte solubility and improved penetration of the sample matrix, analytes diffuse from the matrix to the extracting agent more quickly. The elevated pressure ensures that the solvent remains in a liquid state and that the extraction cell is quickly filled with fresh solvent.

While the actual extraction process has been optimized, with sequential processing, a considerable amount of time is spent on programming and sample preparation. Büchi's new pressurized solvent extractor, SpeedExtractor, eliminates exactly this weak point. With SpeedExtractor, samples are no longer extracted one after another - up to six samples can be run in parallel! This allows for incoming batches to be processed immediately. As a result, the analysis can be generated much quicker. For example, a batch of six samples can be extracted in 20 to 40 minutes. Even when allowing for extensive purification and evaporation steps, the result is available after half a day, or a day, at the latest. This is a tremendous advantage for the production line that is waiting for the analysis results!

When not only the time that elapses until the result is generated but rather the throughput is of importance, SpeedExtractor opens new dimensions. SpeedExtractor delivers a throughput of up to six times that achieved when using the conventional sequential format. Previously, it was possible to process 16 samples in eight hours – now, sample throughput can be increased to 96.

SpeedExtractor also distinguishes itself through its high degree of user-friendliness. One advantage is that extraction cells are automatically sealed. In addition to a significant time savings, this also provides a high degree of safety as it eliminates handling errors. Furthermore, extraction cells are preserved and reproducibility is ensured. Its parallel format also significantly simplifies the programming process: the desired method is loaded, the six samples are automatically sealed, and, at the push of a button, the extraction can be started.

The SpeedExtractor’s flexibility is unique as well: Temperature range of 50 - 200°C, pressure range of 50 – 150 bar, extraction cell size of 10 – 120ml, 60ml, 220ml, and 240ml collection vessels, and an integrated rinsing step into a separate waste container. A large selection of process parameters allows for a new standard in the number of supported applications.

Additional information is available on our homepage at http://j.mp/RkDxco

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