• PXS 24 AOX Autosampler for the Preparation of up to 24 Samples

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PXS 24 AOX Autosampler for the Preparation of up to 24 Samples

Oct 29 2007

Prepare your AOX samples overnight: The Behr Labor-Technik GmbH (Germany) PXS 24 AOX autosampler is suitable for the preparation of up to 24 samples according to the EN 1485/ISO 9562 column method. A high precision pump supplies each activated carbon column with the exact
sample volume. With the PXS 24 AOX autosampler the analyst can use industry standard adsorption columns as well as his own manually filled columns. The autosampler works fully automatically.

Manual operations are reduced to: insertion of the sample flasks into the rack, insertion of the mini adsorption columns into the adapter and attachment of the adapter to the mounting bar.

Control of the autosampler is performed by user-friendly Windows software. Once entered, the data can be transferred directly to the behr Cl 10 analyser. Analyser and autosampler are controlled simultaneously by the same PC. The analyst can enter sample volume and flushing volume individually for each sample. Analysis data are entered into a table, which can be instantly used for the final analysis of the samples.

A pump transfers the samples from the sample bottles to the activated carbon columns. Each sample is delivered to its corresponding adsorption column by a 25 port valve.
Following adsorption you can freely adjust the volume of the nitrate solution for the final flushing of the system. Features of
the behr PXS 24 AOX autosampler:

Sample contact only with inert materials (glass, PTFE, PVDF, steel). Simple insertion of the adsorption columns. No memory effects. Stirring during removal of the samples. Operates with particle sizes up to 2 mm. Safety of pump motor is controlled by light barrier. Pre-filter plus 2
adsorption columns. The rack takes standard sample flasks.

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