• Improve Lab Safety and Flexibility with Mobile Benches and Elevating Tables

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Improve Lab Safety and Flexibility with Mobile Benches and Elevating Tables

Jul 24 2014

ATG Scientific (UK) is pleased to be the appointed UK distributor for IonBench (UK), manufacturers of laboratory furniture products that are purposely designed to make it much easier for you to operate scientific equipment such as LC/GC/MS in a working environment which is both ergonomically optimised and safer for personnel.

IonBench products are ideal for environmental, pharmaceutical, clinical and university laboratories using mass spectrometers and many other scientific instruments including ICP, HPLC, LC/GC, SFC, AFM etc.

The range of mobile benches are all produced with integrated noise reduction enclosures, thanks to the clever use of vacuum pumps which are located on a specific patented anti-vibration platform to ensure a quieter working environment, and also include a cooling system based on silent fan technology, with an overheating temperature alarm. The designs of the solidly built benches take specific user- specific instrument requirements into consideration, and they can be easily moved thanks to the lockable castor wheels. What’s more, the mobility of these benches means great savings on your precious laboratory space, as they can be positioned against walls and relocated as necessary.

Optional Items for the benches include drawers, information control packages, PC holders, solvent waste storage, oil drain pumps and extra electrical power sockets.

ATG Scientific is also offering the excellent elevating HPLC/UHPLC tables from IonBench. These tables, also on lockable castor wheels, can be easily lifted up or down by the simple use of a switch, for convenient and safe access to the top of your HPLC/UHPLC. Designed with a chemical resistant surface and a weight capacity of up to 250kg, elevating tables can optimise the positioning and performance of your LC instrumentation, which can lead to improvements in the layout, flexibility and productivity of your laboratory. The tables are also ideal for use alongside the IonBench mobile MS benches, which, as indicated above, can provide useful space savings (of up to 30%) and significant reductions in noise with built-in (vacuum pump) soundproof enclosures.

The main features of these elevating tables are: improved positioning and safety when using HPLC/UHPLC systems, very stable, secure platforms that electrically raise and lower as needed, elimination of the requirement for a step stool, or for operators to lift solvents above their heads (an obvious safety risk!), a range of chemically resistant work surface sizes, a weight capacity up to 250kg, and lockable caster wheels meaning the tables can be easily moved for optimum positioning around your lab. 

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