• EDXRF technology enables you to monitor environmental contaminants with confidence

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EDXRF technology enables you to monitor environmental contaminants with confidence

Jul 13 2023

Elemental analysers are essential — whether monitoring toxic heavy metals in aerosols on air filters, industrial waste streams, or testing soils — elemental analysis is very important. It is used for many screening needs and is critical for assessing potential risks posed by pollutants and toxic materials. That is why accurate and reliable, versatile analysers are needed to address a wide range of needs while still suiting budgets and occupying a small amount of space in the lab or testing facility or for ease of use in the field.

Elemental analysis using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) is one of the easiest, most reliable, and most economical analytical techniques. Systems are affordable compared to other technologies, provide fast, non-destructive analysis, and require minimal or no sample preparation. And since many applications require multi-element analytical capabilities, Rigaku EDXRF instruments offer users the flexibility and reliability to monitor sodium to uranium in almost any matrix.

Rigaku EDXRF benchtops include NEX QC Series for routine quality control, NEX DE Series for more demanding or small spot analysis applications, and NEX CG II for complex applications and research.

NEX QC Series analysers combine superior performance capabilities with affordability. These instruments are lightweight, compact, and do not require an external PC. The intuitive touchscreen interface, built-in printer, and optional portable roller case make these instruments easy to use and convenient for almost any setting — in the field, plant, or lab.

NEX DE Series analysers are high-performance benchtops that give analysts and technicians a fast, simple, yet powerful means for monitoring chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals. These systems offer exceptionally low limits of detection and provide excellent spectral resolution, resulting in low single-digit ppm-level trace elements such as arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

NEX CG II, Rigaku's highly versatile analyser, is ideal for measuring ultra-low and trace element concentrations up to percent levels. It is well-suited for trace element analysis for environmental monitoring applications, such as monitoring industrial waste streams to the sub-ppm levels, testing soils, and many others. NEX CG II excels in complex applications with trace elements and variable base matrices without needing a large set of calibration standards.

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