• USDA Recommends Calibrating Pressure Gauges with Tester to Accurately Measure Water and Pesticide Use

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USDA Recommends Calibrating Pressure Gauges with Tester to Accurately Measure Water and Pesticide Use

Feb 25 2008

Farmers, greenhouse growers and others rely on the accuracy of pressure gauges to ensure the desired rates of irrigation waters and pesticide sprays. However, it is essential to frequently check the accuracy of pressure gauges on the sprayers or in the irrigation lines. Pressure gauges on irrigation lines and pesticide spraying equipment frequently fail, and defective pressure gauges can result in either over or under application of pesticides or water.
The Application Technology Research Unit of the US Department of agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service has developed a portable device for checking pressure gauge accuracy. The easy-to-use, easy-to-build device incorporates a lightweight Model T-621 hydraulic pressure pump from AMETEK (USA) Measurement & Calibration Technologies.
A farmer or grower simply removes a pressure gauge from the equipment and screws it onto a threaded port on the left hand side of the tester. On the right hand side is a factory-calibrated pressure gauge. In the middle is a small reservoir containing water attached to the pump’s pistol grip handle. Squeezing the handle generates pressures for
comparing the two gauges side by side.
If the farmer’s gauge doesn’tmatch the factory-calibrated gauge, the farmer can either replace the faulty gauge or mark it for the actual location of the desired readings and continue using it. AMETEK offers a number of pressure gauges with adjustable pointers especially for this purpose. If a number of different pressures are needed or the readings are too far off, a new gauge is recommended. In any case, an accurate
pressure gauge will save money, water and help keep unneeded pesticides out of the environment.
The portable calibration device is both useful and inexpensive. The AMETEK T-621 hydraulic pressure pump at the heart of the device is engineered with the user in mind.
The durable lightweight pump features a transparent fluid reservoir and factory-calibrated reference gauge that are both easy to view along with vernier valves, vent valves, manifold connections and swivel fittings.

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