• Online Analytical Data Reporting with Real-Time Access to Laboratory Results

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Online Analytical Data Reporting with Real-Time Access to Laboratory Results

Mar 07 2011

ALcontrol (UK) has launched a new version of its @mis online analytical data reporting tool that provides users with real-time access to their laboratory results. The web-based tool provides near real time data direct from ALcontrol’s laboratory information management system, which means that world-wide users are able to follow test results live.

The new version of @mis represents a major step forward because fast access to results is critical to the efficiency of many activities. Land remediation, for example, is heavily dependent on analytical data to inform the management of treatment processes and to provide verification that either treated soils meet with the required specification or that treated water complies with a site’s discharge permit.

Explaining the importance of this announcement, ALcontrol Commercial Director Simon Turner says “Many of our customers already benefit from the speed and convenience of @mis. However, there is no extra charge for the tool, so we are eager for all of our customers to benefit from the advantages that it brings.

“V5 @mis has been developed to be even simpler for new users to operate; the system runs as soon as a customer logs in and we have created customisable screens that remember user preferences – similar to the BBC home page.

Whilst fast data is critical to many of our clients, for some, that speed is only critical when the results are outside of defined thresholds, so V5 @mis can now issue result notifications or alarm messages via SMS or email.”

In addition to standard features such as secure data reports and archives, multiple batch reports and multiple report formats, @mis now enables rapid filter capability for reports and enables data sharing across multiple offices.

Feedback from @mis users has been extremely positive with most commenting on the benefit of live access to data as analysis proceeds. For example, in the past it would have been necessary to wait for a complete set of results, whereas @mis users are now able to view partial results as they are created. So, if the first soil test result is high for hydrocarbons, it is clear that the sample is contaminated and further tests may be redundant.

Simon Turner believes that fast access to both live and archived analytical data is extremely important for most of ALcontrol’s customers. He says, “We have invested heavily in the @mis team because this tool enhances our services enormously and provides us with the IT capability to create bespoke features in response to specific customer requests. V5 @mis is a great step forward, helping our customers to lower costs and improve both speed and efficiency.”

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