• A reliable solution for long term dioxin and CO2 sampling for waste incineration plants

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A reliable solution for long term dioxin and CO2 sampling for waste incineration plants

Jul 15 2021

The environmental impact of incineration at waste plants has led to an array of legislation, including the EU’s ‘Waste Incineration Best Available Techniques (BAT) Conclusions’ to reduce emission levels and improve energy efficiency.

OPSIS have a solution to help plant operators monitor their emission levels with their robust, EN1948-1 compliant DX100 isokinetic dioxin sampler which operates utilising tried and tested techniques. When using an isokinetic dioxin sampler, the sample is taken from the duct and dioxins are captured in a special absorbing material. The sampler is effectively a state-of-the-art pump which needs to be controlled to achieve long term and stable samples. With OPSIS’ DX100 operators will find that their legal obligations are easily met and the system is simple to install, operate and manage.

This isokinetic dioxin sampler consists of the sampling device, a gas conditioner and the control unit in which flow is monitored and regulated and it also controls an ejector pump located at the end of the extraction line. This control unit ensures that samples are extracted at the same rate, while gas flows through the duct. Operators can set the dioxin sampler to operate between a few hours to 8 weeks, the sample container is removed and sent to the lab to analyse its contents, whilst a new a container is simply installed in its place within the system to allow the sampling process to continue unfettered.

The DX100 has the option to include a CO2 sampling unit too so operators can monitor percentage levels of fossil CO2 emitted, an ideal mechanism for plants that burn mixed fuels.

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