• Portable TDL based HCl and NH3 gas analyser

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Portable TDL based HCl and NH3 gas analyser

Aug 10 2020

Continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) for HCl applications have been ubiquitous for several years. This technology was first used  primarily in the waste or trash incineration processes. The chlorines in the plastics that are burned in waste incinerators will combine with the moisture in the waste to form HCl during the combustion process.

Ammonia (NH3) emissions are also an important contributor to fine particulate matter (PM) formation. Consequently, increased attention is being paid to accurate quantification and characterisation of NH3 emissions.

With the new ETG 6900 P for HCl and ETG 6900 P for NH3 you have a portable reliable device to monitor the content of HCl and NH3 in your stack emissions ready to operate and without any sample condition

ETG use the technology-enhanced TDLS for gas detection, whereby a 0.1 nm narrow bandwidth diode laser beam is scanned across an absorption band of the target gas, performing a high-resolution near-infrared absorption measurement.

The Tunable Diode Laser Technology enables a very fast HCl and NH3 detection using a sample pump inside with a “hot” measurement . The instrument includes 3 metres of heated line and a stack probe with on-line filter, so it is ready to operate immediately.

A touch screen monitor, Modbus, Profibus and Ethernet output , Ethernet and USB Remoting, long lifetime laser (+10 years) are just some of the features of the ETG 6900 P NH3 – HCl portable gas monitor.

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