• New trace gas analyser uses EIMS technology for ppb level accuracy

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New trace gas analyser uses EIMS technology for ppb level accuracy

Mar 26 2021

The ETG 4500 is the latest ETG Risorce e Technologia, product and it represents one of the most advanced technologies available on the gas analysis market.

Based on the end user’s needs it can be polarised in negative or positive mode (depending on the compound) performing real and accurate multiple measurements at ppb level. For example, you can detect hydrogen chloride (HCL), hydrogen fluoride (HF), ammonia, VOC'S, acids, NOX, Cl2, Acetone …and others at low ppb detection.

The Enhanced ion mobility spectrometry (EIMS) technique offers advantages like high sensitivity (ppb range), fast response (MS range), compact design, operation in atmospheric pressure and the ability to separate the isomeric compounds.

The ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is a powerful analytical technique based on ion molecular interactions in a homogenous electric field. Traditionally the EIMS instruments consist of three major parts: ionisation region, reaction region and drift tube.

The high sensitivuty ETG 4500 does not use any radioactive source, it includes19” rack mounting, and 24 months warranty (excluding consumables). As a trace gas analyser it can be used to detect  several toxic gases in ambient air at ppb level. It has also been used for breath analysis for disease prevention, AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination) in clean rooms at semiconductor production sites or as a research tool at universities or institutions for pollution study – as well as many other applications.

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