• UN-CDM Projects, the Hole in the Ozone Layer, Kyoto and Greenhouse Gases…

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UN-CDM Projects, the Hole in the Ozone Layer, Kyoto and Greenhouse Gases…

Apr 07 2008

...are constantly recurring buzz words in the current discussion about measures to protect our environment.
At the same time, the pollution of people due to high dust and soot concentrations fromvarious sources such as traffic, waste incineration plants, power stations etc. must not be forgotten. The new D-R 800 dust
concentration monitor has been designed to maintain the limit values of fine particulate pollution in accordance with the EU limit values. Itmeasures the dust pollution in-situ, i.e. directly in the flue gas, and displays it as dust concentration in mg/m3. By multiplying this value by the volume flow, the emission mass flow emitted by the incineration plants can be determined.
The new DURAG (Germany) D-R 800 dust concentration monitor only requires a standard mounting flange, and consequently no ring platform around the flue gas pipe. No additional welding is required. There is also no need for optical alignment, as with transmission systems. This is of great advantage for maintenance work, as the device can be simply removed from the flange and then replaced without readjustment.
The device operates according to the optical principle of forward scattering and can measure very small concentrations (0-10 mg/m3). It is self-checking and operates with a two-beam LED laser diode. This new
development does not require any rotating parts inside the probe in the flue gas environment.
Leakage problems due to lead-throughs for movable adjusting axes are eliminated. In addition to the probe, the complete unit comprises the flanged-on evaluation unit with measured value display and operating
keyboard, as well as a supply unit which contains the flushing air blower and the mains supply. All necessary settings can be conveniently made using the integrated keyboard and the menu-guided display. External
setting aids or a laptop are not required. Remote inquiry of the function via the bus interface is also possible.
The D-R 800 dust monitor can be used in all installations requiring authorisation in accordance with the directives of the EU or individual countries, and fulfils all legal EU requirements. The relative extended measuring uncertainty QAL1, at 6 %, is well below the permitted limit of 30% of the daily limit value. The preventive maintenance interval for the device is 2 months, or 6 months in managed systems that are subject to regular inspection. The integrated switching of measuring ranges allows measurement in the highly dynamic range in the ratio of 1:10, for example 0-20/0-200 mg/m³.
D-R 800 – a devicewhich has proven itsworth in all applications for themeasurement of non-condensing dusts.

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