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Date: 14:00:00 - Sep 20 2016
Speakers: Dr. Ali Dogan Demir
Moderators: Rachael Simpson


Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is a measure of the carbon content of dissolved and undissolved organic matter present in a water sample. TOC analysis has been a dependable method used for waste minimization, product loss prevention, industrial and municipal waste water treatment plant control, final effluent discharge monitoring, process-cooling-boiler-condensate-intake-surface water monitoring, and many other water monitoring purposes in the industry. TOC measurement has a direct relationship with the content of the products in a process stream, and the organic contamination in a waste water stream leaving a chemical or petrochemical production facility. 

TOC, measured by the BioTector Two Stage Advanced Oxidation (TSAO) technology, which is carried out at atmospheric pressure and at ambient temperatures, is used to detect leaks, incidents and contamination in the processes, to protect process equipment, to prevent product losses, and to reduce the energy and waste treatment costs by means of a real time TOC analysis in the chemical industry. The self cleaning TSAO technology does not suffer from the limitations of the conventional TOC technologies. The TSAO technology provides a reliable and accurate TOC measurement, because this oxidation method is able to include the organic content, coming from the particulates, fibers and sludge in the TOC result without any filtration or homogenization process. 

The TSAO technology is successfully used in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Online TOC monitoring of Chemical Process Effluent by means of TSAO technology help detect product loss and reduce organic loading in Waste Water Treatment Plant Influent. TOC by TSAO help detect organic contamination in Condensate Return and organic material breakthrough from Heat Exchangers, and avoid fines due to the contamination of Cooling Water


  • Why TOC measurement is important in Chemical industries
  • Benefits of online TOC measurement
  • Advanced technology for accurate and reliable organics measurement
  • Industry application examples

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Dr. Ali Dogan Demir
Dr. Ali Dogan Demir (Hach Company)

Dr. Ali Dogan Demir has joined BioTector Analytical Systems Ltd. (a Hach Company subsidiary) in 2003. He has led a number of new product developments and research & development projects. He has developed BioTector TOC TN and TOC TN TP on-line analyzer systems. Formerly, he worked at the Department of Process and Chemical Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland as a research scientist, where he completed his PhD degree in “Process and Chemical Engineering”. Prior to his PhD, he has carried out one-year MSc studies in “Environmental Science and Engineering” in the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen. Ali has 13 years of experience on process, on-line and laboratory liquid analyzer systems.


Rachael Simpson
Rachael Simpson (International Labmate Ltd)

Editor for International Environmental Technology, Asian Environmental Technology and Petro Industry News

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