Are Clean Air Zones Effective?


Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Date: 09:30:00 - Oct 13 2021
Speakers: Dr. Justine Bejta
Moderators: Jim Mills

At our annual Air Quality and Emissions event, Dr. Justine Bejta, Head of Science at the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU), presented data on the outcomes of recent government interventions in areas with high levels of NO2 pollution.

In her 15-minute presentation, Dr. Bejta discusses:

  • The origins and aims of the Joint Air Quality Unit
  • Various strategies employed by the Joint Air Quality Unit
  • How JAQU designs bespoke interventions
  • Difficulties of implementation
  • The introduction and outcomes of Clean Air Zones

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Dr. Justine Bejta
Dr. Justine Bejta (Joint Air Quality Unit)

Dr. Justine Bejta currently serves as the Head of Science at the Joint Air Quality Unit, an organisation established to support the British government in delivering its reduction of nitrogen oxides in ambient air.


Jim Mills
Jim Mills (Scotswolds, Ltd.)

Jim Mills is the Managing Director of Scotswolds, Ltd., a consultancy specialising in air monitoring technology. Educated in Scotland, with a focus on chemistry, Jim is a regular speaker at national and international conferences on air quality, has co-authored papers on air quality monitoring and has provided technical expertise to support news and documentary programmes.

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