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Pollutec 2010 Offers Equipment, Technologies and Services Available for the Environment from 30th November - 3rd December 2010
At a time when the search for performance is a crucial challenge for all sectors of activity, Pollutec offers manufacturers, local authorities, construction professionals, farmers, those involved in commerce and distribution and, more recently, buyers from the service sector an opportunity to discover a comprehensive array of the equipment, technologies and services that are available today across a broad range of markets: the treatment of waste, water and waste water, air, sites and soils, as well as recycling, the exploitation of waste, energy, risk management and sustainable procurement.

As a vital event in a sector that is growing at pace, Pollutec benefits from ever increasing momentum at a time when the search for environment solutions is a focus of economic, social and political concern.

With 700 exhibitors and 40 000m² of exhibition space dedicated TO INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES AND THE TREATMENT OF WATER, Pollutec offers those involved in building and civil engineering, the food industry, energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and local authorities an opportunity to discover an array of equipment, technologies and services that is more closely geared to their needs and is more comprehensive than any other current event anywhere in the world.

The major strengths of Pollutec are that it offers an unrivalled range of international expertise, with 30% of exhibitors being drawn from 42 countries outside France, and it satisfies the expectations of visitors from around the world.

The international spread of the show continues to develop, with the confirmed presence of major ‘cleantech’ countries and in particular of Germany, with new regions, Sweden, the USA, Japan, as well as for the first time in Lyons of India, South Korea, Denmark, Hong Kong and China…


Business News

Gas Detection

  • The Impact of Common Design to Your Bottom Line

Environmental Analysis

  • The Swiss Environmental Market at a Glance
  • 14001certification Doesn’t Cost – It Pays


  • WWEM 2010 Will be the Most Exciting Ever
  • Online Suspended Solids Monitoring Contributes to Reduced Operating Cost
  • SMART Digital > Intelligent Modular Dosing Pumps from Grundfos that are Easy to Operate

Mercury Analysis

  • Mercury in Crematoria Using Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
  • Measuring Mercury in Ambient Waters by Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence: When Is Purge and Trap Preconcentration Really Necessary?

Air Monitoring

  • Choosing the Right Gas Analyser
  • Air Quality Sensing in Automotive Applications

UK Focus

  • MCERTS SCHEMES - An Overview
  • MCERTS Approval - Latest Standard, Gas Analysis and Flow Measurement
  • Nationwide Quarry Monitoring Solution to Meet New EPR/MCERTS Regulations
  • Air Pollution and MCERTS


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IET 34.2 March 2024

April 2024

In This Edition Gas Detection - Biogas batch fermentation system for laboratory use with automatic gas analysis in real time Water/Wastewater - Upcycling sensors for sustainable nature...

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