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Water testing at its best!

Water-i.d. is a manufacturer of water testing equipment and reagents with headquarters in Germany.

Founded 20 years ago, Water-i.d. distributes water testing equipment in more than 100 countries around the globe, serving different industries, such as Pool/Spa, drinking water/potable water, waste water, laboratories, marine industry, food processing and many more.

Water-i.d. has received several awards for its outstanding innovative products, such as the unique PrimeLab 1.0 Photometer, covering 18 wavelengths, offering more than 150 different parameter methods. Furthermore, it is the first Photometer, offering a quantitative and certified 1-hour Legionella test.

PrimeLab 2.0 Multitest Truly different

The next generation of Photometers. The PrimeLab 2.0 launched by Water-i.d. January 2021 Highly accurate readings on 18 parallel wavelengths, Bluetooth-USB-Wi-Fi-GSM connections, powerful software and app, synchronized over a cloud-service, large HD touch display and the option to connect test probes are just some features of the new PrimeLab 2.0 which supersedes the well-established PrimeLab 1.0. The PrimeLab 2.0 offers water-testing solutions for many different industries, testing almost every parameter from A for Alkalinity to Z for Zinc. All PrimeLab 2.0 parameter-curves are calibrated to quality reagents, developed and produced in Germany and UK.

In April 2023, Water-i.d. launched the new PoolLab 2.0 Photometer for private and professional use. Covering 24 key water-parameters, allowing 3 tests in one time by a tribble test chamber, the PoolLab comes with 4 wavelengths technology to offer utmost accuracy, plus a wireless WIFI and Bluetooth connection to a free app and free software, synchronized via a free Cloud service. The powerful app and software allows data management as well as dosage recommendations, based on individual water treatment chemicals.

The PoolLab is IP68 waterproof and can be immersed in the pool to scoop the water to be tested. The built in tribble cuvette can be replaced.

In 2019, Water-i.d. proudly introduces the new "FlexiTester", an innovation that combines the advantages of a pooltester with those of a comparator.

The FlexiTester is used like a regular pooltester. Water is scooped, a tablet is added and the water develops a colour. Differing from a pooltester, where the colour is compared to a chart, the FlexiTester is provided with colour sticks that are inserted into the tester. The colour is graduated and not in steps like on a pooltester, so sliding the stick up and down ensures a perfect match.

Additionally, by having the colour chart on a stick, the user is not limited to only a few parameters but can extend his kit to up to 25 different parameters at any time.

Water-i.d. is proud of being able to offer various OEM options already at low MOQ numbers.

For further information, please visit our website www.water-id.com and/or our special websites for the PoolLab www.poollab.org and the 

PrimeLab www.primelab.org

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