Comparative Efficiency of Vermicompost Over Single Super Phosphate in Carp Culture

Oct 12 2007

Author: D. Chakrabarty on behalf of International Environmental Technology

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Qualitative and quantitative analyses of phytoplankton and zooplankton, and growth performance of Cyprinus carpio (Ham.) were done in earthen vats receiving compost, single super phosphate (SSP) and vermicompost as direct application fertilizer. Significant differences were observed in the diversity and abundance of plankton in response to fertilization with compost, SSP and vermicompost. The different organic manures used can be graded in the following descending order: vermicompost, SSP and compost. The least concentration was accounted in control sets. The highest production of fish was obtained in vats treated with vermicompost (3,970.56 kg.ha-1 90 day-1) followed by SSP (2,933. 76 kg.ha-1 90 day-1), compost (1,952.64 kg.ha-1 90 day-1) and lowest in control sets (385.92 kg. ha-1 90 day-1). Highest yield of fish in vats applied with vermicompost is attributed to its highest manorial value. Keywords: Organic manure; vermicompost; compost; plankton; fish production.

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