Air Monitoring

Introduction of the Continuous Emission Monitoring System at the Thermal Power Plants of Hrvatska elektroprivreda

Oct 06 2014

Author: Bojan Abramovic, Zarko Jakovljevic and Zoran Stanic on behalf of CEM

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An overview of Croatian legislation in the field of air protection is given in this paper with special attention to Decree on stationary sources emission limit values. The owner's obligations concerning first, occasional and continuous emission measurements are described, especially these of Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP) as the present owner of all thermal power plants in Croatia. The attention is drawn to HEP’s activities on conducting of the emission measurement program, which has the introduction of Continuos Emission Monitoring System (CEM) as its final purpose.

Realizing obligation of so called first, occasional and continious emission measurement for owners of stationary sources is directed by the “By-Law on Limit Values of Pollutant Emissions from Stationary Sources into the Air“ (Official Gazette of Croatia 140/97). In order to realize mentioned obligations, HEP (Croatian Electricity Network), as owner of all thermal power plants in Croatia, has started with complete and systematic conducting of the first measurements. During 1998 and at the beginning of 1999 measurements on all furnaces and gas-turbines in seven thermal power plants has been realized.

The next HEP activity, that follows from the obligations to the Law, is Continious Emission Monitoring (CEM) system establishing not later than February 1, 2000. With a view to successfull realizing of preparing activities for establishing the CEM system, EKONERG - Energy Research and Environmental Protection Institute Ltd. has made a dissertation “Techniques of Continious Emission Monitoring at Thermal Power Plants”. In addition to this dissertation different ways of establishing the CEM system has been analized, considering the possible measurement approach and realization. On the basis of standard configuration preliminated offers of some manufacturers there has been made the first evaluation of all investments for each analized variant. This article represents short review of the disertation, with the accent on performances of all thermal power plants and the number of possible sollutions that follow from the Law.

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