• Cost-effective trace-level analysis of nuclear power plant water contamination


Cost-effective trace-level analysis of nuclear power plant water contamination

May 09 2022

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., can now provide nuclear power plants with a new continuously regenerated cation trap column (CR-CTC) application workflow for robust and efficient trace anion contaminant testing of industrial waters.

The new Thermo Scientific Dionex CR-CTC III application workflow provides a solution that reduces the expense and complexity of anion analysis in lithium borated water, and boiler and cooling water, in nuclear power plants. The workflow consists of Thermo Scientific’s Dionex ICS-6000 capillary HPIC System or their Dionex Integrion HPIC System along with the Thermo Scientific Dionex IonPac AS28-Fast-4µm column, and enables the determination of sub-µg/L anionic contaminants, using a novel single-step injection method of cation matrix elimination.

According to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s VP and general manager of ion chromatography (IC) and sample preparation, Dino Alfano “This latest CR-CTC workflow aims to help reduce plant maintenance costs by minimizing plant and equipment corrosion through comprehensive trace anion contaminant analysis of industrial waters. The new workflow provides optimum performance for nuclear power application requirements, such as removing lithium in borated waters by employing 100% carboxylate resin, and avoiding labile sulfonate that can end up in the cooling water as a corrosive anion.”

The new workflow is easy to use, so minimal training is needed; a single-step injection method of cation matrix elimination increases levels of productivity. The reduced ownership costs and maximised operational uptime helps operators to accommodate increased energy demands.

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