• They called it Impossible. We call it BW Clip4

Gas Detection

They called it Impossible. We call it BW Clip4

May 10 2017

Activate, clip and forget... BW Clip4 will do the rest.

What if there was a way to turn on your 4-gas detector, not worry about it for two years and even save time and money while it does its job?

When you work in the field, you've got your hands full. So when it comes to gas detection, you need safety and simplicity you can count on: 4-gas detection, 2-year battery, 1-button simplicity.

The BW Clip4 from Honeywell is small, lightweight, and user-friendly, while tough enough for harsh environments and extreme temperatures. It keeps you safe without weighing you down, whether you’re walking the plant or manoeuvring in a confined space. Its one-button operation removes the risk of human error while reducing training time. Furthermore, the BW Clip4 delivers two years of runtime – with no charging and minimal service – so that everyone who uses it can benefit from continuous safety and compliance without added complexity.

Low Cost of Ownership

BW Clip4 eliminates any necessity to change sensors or charge batteries. There’s no downtime caused by detectors being charged or serviced. And standardising on BW Clip4 reduces the requirement for a large inventory of spare detectors and docking stations. Savings in maintenance time and costs for organisations that currently maintain sizable fleets of serviceable multi-gas detectors can be significant. View our infographic to find out more about the potential cost and time savings when using BW Clip4. 

Peace of Mind

4-gas detection, 2-year battery, 1-button simplicity. Once activated, you can rest assured that the BW Clip4 is always on. Just clip it on and carry on with your work. So worker compliance and safety are secured from day one. Current users of single-gas detectors now have a compelling alternative in BW Clip4. They can continue to enjoy low maintenance convenience, while monitoring 4 gases instead of one.

Two Years of Continuous Runtime

A traditional multi-gas portable monitor uses catalytic bead sensor technology to detect flammable gases. Instead, the BW Clip4 utilises non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, previously available only in fixed-gas detectors from Honeywell. Compared to the older method, NDIR technology allows the BW Clip4 to consume 1,000 times less battery power!

Like the sound of BW Clip4? Then find out more…. and activate, clip & forget

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