• Gas detection specialists ensure safety of workers at bulk liquid storage facility

Gas Detection

Gas detection specialists ensure safety of workers at bulk liquid storage facility

Jul 20 2021

The last year and a half have been difficult times. The COVID 19 pandemic has created a host of complications for businesses and industries, especially for locations in which there may be unseen dangers, such as toxic, explosive or flammable gases. 

An example of such an enterprise would be a bulk storage facility. One such site, based in the UK, stores an eclectic range of substances such as chemicals, fertilisers, fuels, food and feed products, biofuels and a variety of industrial products. The management chose a1-cbiss to provide them with the requisite gas detection technology and servicing. The site management have been impressed, not only with the choice of effective gas detection technology, but because a1-cbiss have also organised a number of site visits to ensure that personnel at the site understand completely how to operate the gas detectors. 

This customer operates 8 terminals in the UK, with a total capacity of 300,000 cubic metres, they are the one of the nation’s most reputable bulk liquid storage enterprises. Some of these sites are subject to COMAH regulations (Control of Major Accidents Hazards) which were created to prevent and nullify industrial accidents. These sites also need to comply with COSHH regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) which were created to minimise emissions, leaks, discharge and spread of dangerous substances at industrial locations. a1-cbiss' quality assurance department is constantly monitoring any updates in UK or international regulations to ensure that their clients are not only safe, but that they are operating within the law.  

Occasionally the gas detectors need updating or replacing if they have developed faults or have been mis-used. One of the Safety & Health Managers contacted a1-cbiss to discuss updating their equipment and organise onsite training. Having discussed the site’s particular requirements, it was soon established that there was a need for more gas detectors to ensure both the safety of the staff and assets and legislative compliance.  

Gas detection in storage tanks
Under UK and international confined space regulations, pre-entry checks are needed. A1 cbiss installed Pumped PS200 personal gas detectors with sample lines into the tank to monitor toxic and flammable gas to ensure that these are at a safe level before allowing personnel to enter. Having entered the tank, the staff not only wear their personal gas detectors, they are also given extra protection from BM25 area monitors which can detect gases beyond the personal detectors’ sampling capabilities. 

Perimeter gas monitoring at liquid bulk storage facilities
Liquid storage facilities need to also consider their neighbours – if there is a leak, this could be a danger to the local communities in terms of the hazards of breathing in toxic fumes or risk of explosion. It is therefore essential that emissions leaving the plant need to be monitored, as well as emissions from within. A fixed system on the perimeter ensures that the storage facility is not endangering the neighbourhood. An alarm will inform staff at the site of any leak and data is also transmitted to a central office. 

The importance of data control for worker safety
Staying connected significantly improves the safety of personnel in harsh industrial settings. The bulk liquid storage specialists incorporated a data control safety system to enable simple configuration of calibration results and bump tests which are stored automatically on a PC’s database or networked to a Building Management System (BMS). The data control, along with a1-cbiss' excellent onsite and calibration services make it much easier to protect workers, the products onsite and the local community. 

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