• Introducing the world’s first AI-powered all-in-one autosampler

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Introducing the world’s first AI-powered all-in-one autosampler

Oct 05 2023

HTA has just changed the face of laboratory automation with their new, groundbreaking 2800T, the world's first all-in-one autosampler driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This avant-garde device has been developed to effortlessly automate headspace analysis, liquid sample injection, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME) across a wide spectrum of GC and GC-MS systems.

Following the success of introducing AI to their 3000A Series of GC automatic liquid samplers and the 2000H Series of headspace autosamplers, HTA has now added AI technology into the 2800T multifunctional autosampler. These innovative AI capabilities are expected to significantly enhance how analytical laboratories operate, delivering unsurpassed levels of ease of use, speed, and reliability.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence into HTA’s autosampler streamlines laboratory workflows and simplifies sample processing. The system provides continuous, automatic monitoring of both the autosampler and the GC, ensuring simple operation and consistent reliable results through predictive maintenance. From raising analytical performance to improving usability and technical service accessibility, AI makes every aspect of laboratory operation simpler.

When it comes to application versatility, the 2800T can switch between modes and transition between GCs in less than 5 minutes; end-users can effortlessly move the HTA autosampler from one GC to another, swap HTA autosamplers, or allocate a single HTA autosampler among multiple GCs to handle any workload peak. Whether samples require headspace, liquid, or SPME analysis, or if the method calls for split, splitless, or on-column injection, the 2800T is ready within a few short minutes.

Despite its extensive capabilities, the 2800T offers an extremely intuitive user experience. Its high-quality touchscreen interface ensures superb system accessibility and ease of use, enabling users to initiate sample processing at a touch.

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