• Highly advanced and cost-effective urban Air quality monitoring technology gives Londoner a breath of fresh air

Ambient Air Quality

Highly advanced and cost-effective urban Air quality monitoring technology gives Londoner a breath of fresh air

Oct 06 2023

Precise air quality monitoring is a key factor to ensure the necessary steps are taken to clean the air we breathe; highly advanced instrumentation technology is playing a pivotal role in addressing the highly publicised topic of air pollution in London. With a high priority on enhancing the quality of urban air, the Mayor's office is driving changes that are transforming the way particulate matter from construction and demolition activities is monitored.

To meet the ever-higher demands of urban air quality monitoring, AcSoft are among several suppliers of cutting edge analytical instrumentation that have embarked on a journey of innovation to improve London’s environment. They have set out to provide cost-effective and robust solutions capable of measuring both PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter with a single instrument to provide a comprehensive view of air quality, considering not just construction site dust, but also exhaust emissions from plant vehicles and generators.

The Airly particulate remote monitor has attained MCERTS certification for PM2.5 and PM10 from the CSA group, offering an assurance of measurement accuracy and reliability that's second to none. Airly’s system can also measure additional parameters, including smaller particulates and gases, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive air quality monitoring. Its use of small solar panels for power addresses the challenges associated with powering dust measurement systems, known for their high level of energy consumption. Not only does it make the system cheaper to run, but it also provides an environmentally friendly approach to air pollution monitoring.

The affordability of the Airly system, when compared to other MCERTS-certified systems, along with its minimal dependence on larger solar panels, makes it even more appealing. With lifetime warranties and superb customer support offered by Airly and Svantek, these options are becoming the more and more popular for industries and municipalities seeking effective urban, dust monitoring solutions.

Ever more stringent regulations and heightened public concern about air quality improvement has propelled suppliers like AcSoft to explore innovative and efficient avenues for collecting precise and comprehensive data while minimising the environmental footprint of monitoring technology. The Airly system, with its impressive capabilities, offers an excellent solution to air quality monitoring for construction and demolition activities in London, providing the UK’s capital with a much needed breath of fresh air.

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