• TSI SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor with New Silica Monitoring Enhancements

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TSI SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor with New Silica Monitoring Enhancements

May 18 2022

TSI have recently improved their SidePak™  Personal Aerosol Monitor for silica monitoring. This robust belt-mounted laser photometer is the most compact battery-operated instrument of its kind on the market today, providing precise and reliable monitoring of silica exposure to help ensure that personnel avoid the hazards of respirable silica as they go about their everyday tasks.

Accurate real-time monitoring enables organisations to protect their workers – this dependable dust monitor will provide data to ensure that safety and plant managers can receive immediate alarm notifications when there are dangerous levels of silica in the atmosphere and then they can take the correct action to counter the hazard (such as issuing PPE, engineering control evaluations or changes in work practice etc). The monitor will then show whether these actions have had the desired effect.

The SidePak™’s new features include dual display and data logging of mass and response concentration for respirable silica, welding fumes and Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) monitoring etc., the capability of storing up to ten custom calibration factors on the device, a custom calibration factor calculator which provides operators with updates on the TrakPro™ v5 Data Analysis Software, and improved alarm facilities to set mass and response concentration - i.e., action limit - alarm values.

This updated personal aerosol monitor performs real-time monitoring that can accomplish in a matter of days, what would usually take weeks or months with conventional gravimetric sampling programs. Operators will have the data insight collection necessary to instantly improve safety for personnel and therefore lower risk to both companies and their employees. TSI also offer an intrinsically safe version of this instrument.

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