• Wind: a key parameter for air quality measurement

Air Monitoring

Wind: a key parameter for air quality measurement

Sep 12 2022

Wind is one of the most important meteorological parameters for the transport and dispersion of pollutants.

LCJ Capteurs offers a range terrestrial wind vane-anemometers that are supplied either with mounting accessories (either with an external power supply or self-powered) or as OEM solutions to be incorporated into the end-user’s own system.

These devices are compatible with all interfaces used on weather stations and most automation systems. LCJ Capteurs can also create tailor-made solutions in accordance to their customers’ unique specifications (built-in datalogger, power consumption, resolution, sampling rate etc …).

LCJ Capteurs’s ultrasonic, twice patented, measurement technology has become a first choice for wind speed and direction measurement, with each sensor tested in a wind tunnel, a climatic chamber (from -15°C, without ice, to +55°C), and on an aging bench. Each test is recorded to logged to each instrument’s serial number.

LCJ Capteurs have been designing and manufacturing static ultrasonic wind sensors, renowned for their high level of performance within both marine and terrestrial fields since 1999. The company has constantly upgraded and developed new devices to ensure that their customers can depend on LCJ Capteurs to provide cutting-edge products that are precise, reliable and durable, as well as economical.

Located near Nantes, France, LCJ Capteurs have always strived to develop sensors for wind measurement that are static, robust, marinised, lightweight, compact, accurate - with low power consumption.

LCJ Capteurs, whose sensors are now ubiquitous in the marine and terrestrial markets, offers wind and air flow measurement solutions that are proven to be reliable over time, with no maintenance.

Since the company broke into the terrestrial market in 2010, LCJ Capteurs’ wind vane anemometers have been adapted to meet the needs of a wide variety of end-users such as weather station integrators, connected agriculture systems, wind farms, the sports sector, air quality/pollution management systems, fire departments, amusement parks and smart buildings, to name just a few.

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