• Leading range of smart IAQ and toxic gas probes now connect directly to smartphones and tablets

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Leading range of smart IAQ and toxic gas probes now connect directly to smartphones and tablets

Jul 15 2021

GrayWolf’s DirectSense® II probes will now connect via Bluetooth LE wireless to Apple and Android devices. These highly reliable, adaptable DSII probes for indoor air quality (IAQ) and toxic gas testing/monitoring will imminently have Apps for iOS and Android operating systems available, free of charge, on the Apple and Google App stores. Operators can now use their smartphones or tablets as a multi-parameter display, data-logger and far more.

You can choose from over 25 highly accurate, smart indoor air quality, green building, industrial hygiene, and HVAC sensors including TVOCs (PID), carbon dioxide (NDIR), ozone (electrochemical), CO, NO2, NH3, SO2, NO, Cl2, H2S, HCN, HCl, O2, H2, %RH, °C/°F and many others. Each probe accommodates from two up to eight true plug-and-play sensors into a single handheld, desktop, or wall-mounted housing. Proven sensors offer low limits of detection and exceptional accuracy. For example, the CO2 sensor leads the IAQ industry at +/-35ppm over the key range of 350ppm to 2000ppm (while +/-3% of reading above that up to 10,000ppm for CO2 toxic exposure use). As monitoring IAQ parameters is a core application for GrayWolf, extensive development effort was put into assuring that the sensor smartboards would not introduce noise or degrade accuracy, stability, or limits of detection (LODs) for the convenience of end-user swappable sensors.

Store “snapshot” logs during walk-throughs or set up logging over time at the interval of your choice on the smartphone. Display up to 8 real-time readings simultaneously or show trend graphs on your screen. When derived readings, such as dewpoint temperature, are displayed/logged or if large fonts are chosen, scroll the display to view additional parameters. Feature-rich, the smartphones can add photos, videos, text, audio notes and more directly to data files for efficient, reliable documentation. On-board educational information will be added soon, such as help videos, sensor, and feature tips. Easily e-mail logged data, with all notes attached, and use GrayWolf’s WolfSense® PC software for download, graphing and analysis, or the optional Advanced Report Generator for automated, detailed reports and custom report template creation.

The same DirectSense II probes can additionally interface to alternative platforms to simultaneously support parameters such as high accuracy particulates, differential pressure and air velocity. Easily switch from using your smartphone to using GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense® purpose-built meters or to Win10 tablets for real-time display, data logging and remote access. Further, the DirectSense II probes incorporate a Wi-Fi card that allows remote data access from probes in the same room, on another floor, in another building, or on the other side of the world. Utilise the probes’ Wi-Fi card with the GrayWolfLive™ cloud app to view remote data as tables, gauges, enhanced graphs or in other formats. Receive “alerts”, via e-mail and text when setpoints are exceeded.

The DirectSense II probes are easily handheld or clipped to a belt, come with a charging stand for convenient desktop trend-logging and include a wall-mounting bracket for continuous monitoring applications. A built-in fan actively draws air across sensors. Extremely versatile measurement capability via varied platforms and an exceptionally flexible, and very, very smart probe.

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