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Simple industrial pollution monitoring with AQMesh

May 09 2023

AQMesh is being used for industrial air pollution monitoring around the world because it brings together a range of features and services that have been tailored to the needs of construction, mining, petrochemical and other industrial applications.

The key benefit is just how much can be done with one small, compact, neat and easily-installed unit. Each ‘pod’ is fully customisable, allowing full flexibility of the measurements offered, from a single gas sensor to a ‘fully loaded’ air quality station, measuring six gases, four particulate matter fractions, noise and wind speed and direction. Built to order and fully tested in two weeks, pods can be specified to suit each project at build - or afterwards; requirements can change and it is helpful to be able to reconfigure existing equipment.

As well as long service life expected (all AQMesh pods are sold with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and many have been in use for over ten years) the ability to reconfigure rather than repurchase makes AQMesh an environmentally friendly solution. Pods are tough, designed - and proven - to withstand extremes of temperature, high winds, torrential rain, snow, and are designed for the additional challenges from industrial sites with potentially complex emissions.

Wherever pods are installed, data from all channels are transmitted using any available phone network, repeating connections and storing data where the phone signal is very weak. This provides a complete solution, with readings securely accessed online or transferred to the client database. All data from all pods are completely owned by the user - not the manufacturer or service provider - and nobody else has access to the site’s pollution data.

From installation to output, the AQMesh system reduces time and risk on the ground. Pods are small and can be held in one hand up a ladder, with only a single universal power cable, which can be connected to a smart solar pack or a direct power supply. Battery operation is another option, and no loggers or wiring are required for data transmission.

Mindful of the costs of local field support, pods require only a two-year maintenance visit for sensor replacement. All other support can be carried out remotely, with proactive diagnostics for faults or data quality flagging. Sensors failing in the field are immediately detected remotely and a free replacement is sent to site if the sensor is in warranty. After over 10 years of experience monitoring in harsh climates and a range of applications, the AQMesh team is able to offer automated data QA, as well as unlimited customer service and support no matter where you are, how many pods you have or how long you’ve had them.

The team is keen to engage with existing and new customers to find solutions, honestly highlight relevant limitations, and be as much part of the client team as the client would like. From a single pod rental to proactive management of a large network, AQMesh and the team can direct this best-in-class technology to provide real value. Measurement of multiple pollutants, at multiple locations, can provide much more powerful insight about what is going on in the air than modelling alone, and has the potential to inform site management.

So where to start? AQMesh offers a first step to address curiosity about local air pollution on or around any site, with full confidentiality. Fixed price packages include equipment use, connection and data access and interpretation of readings.

For more information about how the AQMesh team can help get you started on your monitoring journey, chat to us today.

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