• Automatic gas chromatography driven air monitoring technology to be highlighted at CEM 2023

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Automatic gas chromatography driven air monitoring technology to be highlighted at CEM 2023

Jul 13 2023

Chromatotec Group, an industry leader in automatic gas chromatographs (autoGCs) for online monitoring and has been offering a wide range of analysers for the detection of odourised molecules since 1975. With a remarkable level of experience of over 40 years, Chromatotec continues to deliver a comprehensive range of innovative analysers manufactured in France. These advanced instruments enable precise tracking of concentration levels in parts per trillion (ppt), parts per billion (ppb), parts per million (ppm) and percentages for various applications.

Chromatotec will be participating in the International Conference and Exhibition on Emissions monitoring (CEM) held in Barcelona from 20th to 22nd September 2023 . During the exhibition, Chromatotec will show one of its products portfolio, the MEDOR® analyser. This highly sophisticated instrument provides continuous, online analysis of sulphur compounds with the detection low to 1 ppb in natural and biogas. The system can analyse a variety of sulphur compounds, including H2S, methyl and ethyl mercaptan, as well as odorant. The system utilises proven gas chromatography (GC) technology that has been developed and improved over 35 years for odorisation and safety applications in various processes. Chromatotec’s systems have gained recognition worldwide from standards organisations such as ISO, ASTM, and CSA, attesting to their quality and performance.

The MEDOR® is available in various configurations to meet specific monitoring requirements. For process control applications, the H2S MEDOR® can analyse traces and ultra-traces of H2S, with a detection limit below 1 ppb and a cycle time as low as 2 minutes. Linearity calculations for traces and ultra-traces of compounds in the ppb concentration range can be performed using standard permeation tubes and successive dilution points. The energyMEDOR® is particularly well-suited for hydrodesulphurisation of natural gas, providing analysis of compounds such as THT, H2S, and MeSH. Chromatotec also offers a solution for odorisation control with the THT MEDOR (THT, TBM). For hazardous areas, they provide ATEX and CSA International compliant solutions, including the Pressurised type MEDOR Ex for gas cleaning and desulphurisation, and the flameproof type energyMEDOR® for impurity detection in natural gas.

The wide range of MEDOR® technology designed by Chromatotec provides customers with extensive possibilities for sulphur analysis, from process control to odorisation measurement. Chromatotec's product range, including also Chroma S and airmoS analysers, can detect additional sulphur compounds such as  carbonyl sulphide (COS) using a Flame Photometric Detector (FPD).

From standard analysers to customised solutions to meet customers' needs, Chromatotec is committed to delivering exclusive turnkey systems in the field of gas analysis.

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