Particulate Matter Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems for Wet and Dry Flue-gas Desulfurisation Applications





Date: 16:30:00 - Mar 27 2014
Speakers: William Averdieck
Moderators: David Curtis

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Accurate particulate emission measurement in wet gas stream processes, such as monitoring after wet scrubber abatement systems and processes where the flue gas falls below the dew point or has water droplet presence can be challenging. 

There are essentially two core technologies for monitoring particulate emission concentration with high accuracy in wet stacks: Extractive Light Scatter and Beta Attenuation.  Both are extractive in nature, ie  a sample is drawn continuously from the stack in a representative fashion and passed through the analyser before return to stack.  Extractive Light Scatter technology heats the extracted stack sample to evaporate any residual water droplets, therefore, the sample becomes effectively dry enabling analysis by a standard dry measurement technique.

In addition to wet stack technology reviews, incites into experience and results from operating after different types of Flue-gas Desulfurisation (FGD) with and without Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and sorbent injection will be summarised.  Practical steps in meeting procedural requirements according to the US Standard PS-11 and the European Standard EN 14181 together will also be discussed.

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William Averdieck
William Averdieck (PCME Ltd)

William is an engineering graduate from Jesus College, Cambridge, and holds an MBA from INSEAD. As a Sainsbury Management Fellow he is active in promoting the role of engineering in wealth creation. He is a founder and Managing Director of PCME ltd, one of Europe’s specialist manufacturers of particle emission instruments. He chairs the Equipment Suppliers Task group of the Source Testing Association (STA). William represents the UK on ISO and CEN technical working groups developing new standards for emissions monitoring.


David Curtis
David Curtis (STA)

Dave is a Director and Administrator of Source Testing Association, he also runs his own consultancy company specialising in emission monitoring and control. Dave also sits on many European and International standards groups.

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