• Spectro Arcos Icp Spectrometer with Axial Plasma Observation


Spectro Arcos Icp Spectrometer with Axial Plasma Observation

Jan 28 2008

Analysis of Drinking Water

Clean fresh water is essential to life. Unfortunately, since the industrial revolution, waterways and coastal waters have been polluted, harming human health. In order to protect human health from the adverse effects of any contamination of water intended for human consumption,
the World Health Organization (WHO) has defined minimum standards in its
“Guidelines for drinking water quality”. For the countries of the European Union, “Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption” has been passed by the European Council, to
define the essential quality standards. In the USA the quality of drinking water is defined through the “Safe Drinking Water Act” and the “National Primary Drinking Water Regulations” setting maximum
levels for contaminants.
The new SPECTRO ARCOS with axial plasma observation has the required analytical capabilities in terms of sensitivity, precision and accuracy to perform the analysis of metals and trace elements in drinking waters
according to these regulations. It features a Paschen-Runge spectrometer mount, employing the proprietary Optimized Rowland
Circle Alignment (ORCA) technique. Consisting of two hollow section cast shells, optimized small volume and 32 linear CCD detectors, the wavelength range between 130 and 770 nm can be simultaneously
analyzed, allowing complete spectrum capture within 2s. Due to the unique reprocessing capabilities of the system, a new measurement is not required even if additional elements or lines are to be
determined at a later date.
Utilizing SPECTRO’s patented “Intelligent Calibration Logic (ICAL)”, which normalizes the wavelength scale, the state of the optical
system is automatically monitored. An aircooled ICP-generator, based on a free-running 27.12 MHz system, is installed, which ensures excellent stability of the forward power even in the case of rapidly changing
sample loads. All relevant ICP operating parameters are software controlled, allowing easy selection of the optimum operating conditions.
In conjunction with an autosampler, the SPECTRO ARCOS can be fully automated for water analysis. Independent from the number of lines and elements an analysis (including 3 replicates pre-flush, and method rinse) can be performed in less than 3 minutes.

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