• Continuous, reliable and automatic wastewater analysis for a host of applications
    Chromatotec's aimorVOC WMS


Continuous, reliable and automatic wastewater analysis for a host of applications

Jul 06 2021

Chromatotec, who are globally recognised for their highly innovative GC based analysers, recently launched a liquid chromatography, airmoVOC WMS,  based system that incorporates with GC-FID technology for an MCERTS approved analysis of VOCs and BTEX levels in liquids.

This innovative system uses headspace to take a representative sample from liquid phase or purge and trap for operators working to USA EPA Method 502-2 criteria. The vapourised sample is pre-concentrated by the trap to attain ppm or ppb concentration levels, before it is introduced both continuously and automatically to the auto GC analyser. This system can therefore perform complete and reliable online analysis unmanned.

The airmoVOC WMS consists of the airmoVOC analyser, a hydrogen generator, a zero air catalyser and an internal calibration system, all of which enable accurate and real time data. This system is ideal for a range of applications such as wastewater quality monitoring at refineries or analysing for trace BTEX in source water.  

Across the globe, refineries have had to comply with stricter international legislation which means that wastewater needs to be accurately monitored before being discharged. This system features an automatic sampling system with a fast loop, which is deployed separately from the monitor, where the water sample is collected. The liquid is pumped to the sample and filtration unit and then on to the enclosure in which the analyser is located, so all wastewater contaminants such as  BTEX and semi-volatile VOCs are trapped and analysed.

This wastewater analyser is also ideal for analysing for pollutants, such as BTEX and other VOCs, which includes halogens, in source water. These contaminants can occur as a biproduct of certain treatment processes, an example being iron removal, which react to ozone and other compounds such as bromides and chlorides to create bromoform and chloroform.  New international legislation stipulates that these pollutants, even in cases of minimal levels, need to be monitored throughout the entire process. Chromatotec’s versatile wastewater analysis system enables operators to comply with these new regulations; this unit can be programmed to sample stagnant water or monitor a continuous and control flow of sample.

The airmoVOC WMS also has water analysis applications in a variety of markets not only in heavy industry but also in the food and beverage, cosmetics/perfume and drinking water sectors.

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