• Analytical Technology Equips Royal Mint’s New Treatment Plant


Analytical Technology Equips Royal Mint’s New Treatment Plant

Apr 10 2013

The Royal Mint has selected Analytical Technology to equip its new effluent treatment plant.

With the treatment of trade effluent increasingly coming under the spotlight, the new multi-million pound plant has chosen ATi’s pH, hydrogen peroxide and turbidity sensors for its leading monitoring instrumentation to ensure water quality. ATi’s AutoClean pH monitor with MCERTS classification controls pH levels throughout the nickel-plating process and the pH correction process, while the hydrogen peroxide sensors monitor the effluent to ensure peroxide levels remain low enough to allow efficient effluent treatment. The AutoClean turbidity monitors determine water quality and ATi’s gas detection system protects employees from harmful exposure.

The Royal Mint is one of the world’s leading export mints, making coins and medals for an average of 60 countries every year. With a first responsibility to make and distribute United Kingdom coins, the company employs more than 700 people and operates round-the-clock for 50 weeks a year.

Graham Hartry, Environmental Manager, Blank Processing, The Royal Mint explains: “Our new effluent treatment plant has been built using the Best Available Technology and will significantly reduce the amount of effluent discharged, allowing us to recycle wherever possible. The use of Analytical Technology’s pH, hydrogen peroxide and turbidity monitors has allowed us to regulate the levels of chemicals and suspended solids within our effluent discharge, ensuring that we comply with stringent regulations and do our utmost to protect the environment.”

Thanks to the installation of ATi’s technology, Royal Mint now discharges 100 per cent of its trade effluents into the sewer, without damaging the infrastructure or environment. The instruments are easy to set-up and maintain, deliver reliable and compliant results, plus deliver high levels of customer support to keep the plant running.

For more information about ATi’s products call 0800 804 6062, e-mail sales@atiuk.com or visit www.atiuk.com.

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